Mezzanine Goods Lifts Melbourn

Mezzanine Goods Lifts Melbourn

Mezzanine Goods Lifts Melbourn

Bespoke 2 stop single column 400kg hydraulic Mezzanine Floor Goods Lift installed Saxon Way, Melbourn, Royston SG8 6DN with a finished floor level 3039mm and platform size 1430mm x 1550mm. Platform fitted 2 sides with 1100mm high infilled panels on the non-loading sides and 1100mm high single opening interlocked gates on the loading sides finished in Red RAL 3020.

The goods lift is self-supporting structure manufactured from 120mm x 120mm box section with clad infilled panels Grey RAL 7024. At the bottom level goods lifts is fitted with a 2000mm high single loading gate cladded with Perspex viewing panel, at the upper level due to installation constraints we fitted a 1500mm high enclosure with single gate. Each level fitted with interlock system to ensure that the loading gates can only operate in conjunction with the lift controls and the lift will be prevented from operating if loading gates on any level are not fully closed. The overall height of the upper-level structure is 1500mm.

Due to layout / configuration of the factory a bespoke fold up ramp was designed for the lift.

To prevent damage from pallet trucks and forklift trucks the power pack and hydraulic system is in enclosed in a lockable steel cabinet size D500mm x L500mm x H1300mm. Electrics 3 phase, 400v, 2.2Kw control voltage 24V IP55.

General Specification

  • Emergency lowering system when power is cut off.
  • Prewired control box included magnetic starter and overload fuse.
  • Upper-level travel limit switch and overload relief valve
  • Hydraulic cylinders feature emergency velocity fuse if line breaks.
  • Control points are fitted to both ground and upper floor levels.
  • The hydraulic power pack and electrical system housed separately at ground level.
  • The raised height of the lift is governed by a switch system to ensure that the lift platform parks level with upper floor.
  • Installation; Saxon Way, Melbourn, Cambridge SG8 6DN
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Manual Handling Solutions a Goods Lift company installing hydraulic goods lifts in London and surrounding areas. A goods lift from MHS is a cost-effective solution to transport bulky or heavy items. Health and Safety obligations dictate that you must provide a safe and injury free workplace – a Goods Lift can eliminate the need for your staff in carrying heavy, awkward loads up flights of stairs. Need something tailored to your specification then our custom-made lift services can help contact Manual Handling Solutions to discuss your exact requirements.

The range of mezzanine goods lifts from Manual Handling Solutions provides the ideal solution to your vertical movement needs. Widely used in distribution facilities, warehouses, car dealerships, retail storage areas, museums, theatres, Hotels, and many other environments, mezzanine lifts facilitate the increased use of vertical space in storage areas and make it easy to safely and quickly transfer goods from first floor level to a raised floor or multi floor landings. Goods lifts can also be installed along the edge of the raised floor or in a specially cut aperture within in the mezzanine.

If you have any questions about our mezzanine goods lifts or would like assistance with finalising your goods lift design, Manual Handling Solutions are available to answer any queries you may have. We are happy to talk you through our diverse range of bespoke goods lifts and how they can help with the ups and downs of your business. Trade enquires welcome.

Mezz Goods Lifts covering; Harston, Trumpington, Buntingford, Baldock, Biggleswade

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